Don’t Stanchion my way

Finally the old Stanchion is gone and the new one sits ready to be bolted down.

Once the new U-Bolts arrive the deed will be done



Swab the Deck

Another weekend of work and prep ahead of me …

I think a bit od trailer work would be in order.  Maybe a little tongue-work even .. Axle lYnQUEKI fear this trailer will be the death of me…heaven knows it has killed a few presidents already…


Plugging Away

Its just one of those things … you never realize just how far behind the small things will put you.  I have spend all winder cleaning and have forgotten the simple things like plugs.

Without the plugs you will do worse than flood the engine compartment, and looking at the shape the old ones are in … well I think new ones are my best bet … I hate to think how much these beauties will set me back!



Out for a Drive

I took a ride to meet a fellow that had a Mercruiser Alpha One – Gen One. The price was right and the part came home. 

For now I will use the lower case to replace the Staboard MC-1. Later Iwill  find another Alpha and swap both MC’s out. 

Just one more step towards the finish line. 

Some days I think I should give up and sell her. 

Fishing the Keys


One small bump, that’s all it took. I had removed the cup holder from the console, leaving a hole into the storage area just below. What I did not realize was the hole that the wiring fed through into the hull of the boat.

One bump chin thump clank. I knew what had happened.  Somehow my keys slid into the open hole straight down thru the second hole and into the hull of the boat.

All my tools and supplies were locked in the tool room or were in my jeep. The keys to the jeep and tool room were in the boat, deep in the boat. My spares were in the jeep. What to do?

Well it took some time. I looked I scavenged. Still no luck. Suffering I glanced over at my hat (that seldom comes off these days) and jokingly thought (it’s a shame I can’t fish for my keys, with the hook that’s on the bill) about the gift.

Suddenly, I thought, why not? So I pulled the clip off hooked it onto a charging cable I had brought to charge my phone and in the hole I went.

Success!  I went fishing for the first time in the boat, keys-fishing. Yes I would have rather been fishing off the boat in the Keys, but at least I got to drive home. On some level I was tickled by the whole thing.

My hats off to my lil gift, that saved the night.


Jack Off

Well … I did… I got the Jack off the trailer, but the new one will not bolt-up… Soooo I will have to back-up and punt..

With a 3″ wide by 3-1/6″ high tongue, its not easy to get any ole jack from Wal-Mart…img_8741

The Logbook and House Cleaning

Tonight I picked up the official Logbook, a rather nice brown leather like journal of 400 pages. I feel once I get my format down it will be a quite nice addition.  Later I vacuumed the Cockpit, Sun Lounge, and Windscreen no real cleaning but all the loose dirt and dust is now gone.  After that I worked on cleaning the old window sealants off of the hull.  This turned out to be a much harder task than anticipated, and only about 50% was removed. I will have to rethink the situation before I complete it..

Super Tuesday

Too many things could make this Tuesday “Super”, but elections are not one of them. If I am lucky I will be working in the boat tonight.

She needs a good cleaning, and I need to prep for new cudy lights(Windows). I have removed both fore Windows and need to get ready for a new pair.